Original art!  Only $25!

Original art! Only $25!

So yea: here’s something new I’m trying. Like I said earlier this week, I want to include all kinds of new artwork on the re-booted online store, and that includes original art. I’ve wanted to expand more of the media I do (one of the original intentions of Gray Man Art that’s sort of fallen by the wayside), but haven’t really found a viable source of inspiration.

Well, what better than our lovely Koriko?

I don’t know if it’s going to be every Sunday, but expect Koriko Sundays from now on, showing off new original sketches and prints. I’m kind of taking my cues from Paul Taylor’s original art, along with Bruce Timm’s book “Naughty & Nice”. Some will be ink, digital, graphite, colored with markers, whatever! Sky’s the limit!

The original is available for sale now. More are coming soon.

Hope you guys like it. Other than that: back to business. New comic page coming soon.