Combined with “Oh Goodie!“, “Gray Man Art“, and this very site, you may have noticed something: I’ve got a fuck ton of websites.  And that’s not even including various things like my Facebook, my Twitter, my old Deviant Art account, my old Livejournal, etc etc.  I agree I’m spread in a lot of directions, but there’s a reason for that:

I love drawing.  I love making comics, making illustrations, making fine art, talking about art, re-posting cool art, doodling, sketching, you name it.  I consider a day where I have not created something to be a day wasted.  I think a lot of creative people are like this.  One of my biggest inspirations, believe it or not, was Roger Ebert.  The dude loved movies so much he didn’t care where his opinions about them went.  He’d publish official reviews, write books, post random stuff on his website or his Twitter, you named it.  The man lived and breathed movies, and wrote about them just for the sake of it.

So while I have several “official” banners, really I just like making art for the sake of it.  And, really, when I’m stretched really thin (like I have this month getting ready to move into my own apartment) but I still want to create/post something, I think “well, what banner do I do it under?”.  “Oh Goodie!” is too story-based (what story there is), and while I love the detail since I’ve gone to full page, it still takes a while to do each strip.  Not to mention in those story-based strips I like to include as few pop culture references or random bull crap as possible, so even if I think of something random for the characters to do, I can’t do it.

So what’s left?  My personal website?  I prefer to post completed stand-alone works or portraits there.  “Gray Man Art” is exclusively about black and white art.  What to do?

Well, why not start a page where I post literally anything?


I’m starting a new sub-Tumblr I’ve already launched and hope to monetize soon called “A Quick One While He’s Away“.  Aside from random “Oh Goodie!” strips (which more or less will be considered non-canon and go back to the classic strip format, which I can bang out much quicker), I also hope to post random strips in general, sketches, doodles, portraits, or any other random bits you may see.  This’ll be kind of an experiment to see how much I truly can produce, in how many styles or mediums, how frequently, and with what subject matter.

Click on the image below to see the first new “Oh Goodie!” comic exclusive to the page.  It’s just some random nonsense I threw up, but then again that’s the point, isn’t it?  Hope you like it!