Because “Oh Goodie! Vol 3: In A Rut” has been delayed until the end of the year, I’ve decided to do a print run of the most complete story from the volume thus far, especially since I realized that story stands pretty well on its own. The goals of this campaign are simple: $500 will get the book into print and pay for its shipment to comic book stores across America. It’ll run until the end of June and include the new Raven Ray short I just completed.

Rewards include…

– The 48 page “Edgar Allen Woe” book itself
The first two “Oh Goodie!” volumes
– Special edition prints and posters
Original artwork

And the top tier reward, the new “Oh Goodie!” Overdrive pedal brought to you by Devi Ever FX. Donating $100 not only gets you all of the above AND the pedal, but also a custom graphic ON said pedal featuring your favorite “Oh Goodie!” character.

Check out a demo of the pedal below that I recorded at Old Town Music here in Portland. Donate today!