So yea, I haven’t updated this blog in almost three weeks, so some of you might be wondering what I’ve been up to.

Well, I’ve got a new job.  I’m working as a caricaturist at Oaks Amusement Park here in Portland.  I come in pretty much any day the sun is out, set up my table, draw whoever stops by, and the park takes a small percentage while I take the rest.

It’s gone pretty well so far.  Fourth of July alone paid my rent for the month.  What’s more, I usually get to bike into work which is a real treat because Oaks Park is next to Springwater Corridor, one of the most beautiful bike trails in the city.  I’ll be posting pictures of that soon, believe you me.

Below are some of the ones I’ve done already.  I made some sample ones for my sign, either of friends or celebrities.  There’s also some ones I’ve done of straight up customers.  And I have a standing policy of offering free caricatures to any Oaks Park employees who stop by, which they’ve started to hang around the office (and which I find very flattering).

I’m hoping to expand on this since its been going so well, maybe put myself out there for private events and parties.  If you’d like me to attend your party and draw people, feel free to e-mail me.