My time at MCAD proved invaluable for my skills as a comic artist, but one of the hardest lessons I learned after graduating is that earning the degree is only the beginning.  Making the first “Oh Goodie!” book, I made tons of mistakes with the art, the printing, the marketing, the networking, etc.  I’ve learned a lot since then and managed to crank out two 100+ page graphic novels in two years, but there are still a lot of mistakes I made that are easy for first-timers to make.

…So I thought I’d put that to good use and tell you how to avoid those mistakes.  The Independent Publishing Resource Center has given me an opportunity to put together the workshop “Pitfalls To Avoid In Self-Publishing”, outlining these mistakes in meticulous detail.  Subjects covered will include print, web, scripting, generating content, networking, and even basic use of Adobe Creative Suite.  While this will be geared mostly towards comics (be it online or otherwise) you can easily apply a lot of these lessons to other kinds of books.

You can sign up at the IPRC website right now.  The workshop is August 4th (2-4PM) and there are approximately a dozen slots available.  Sign up now!