Sunday is always the day when people don’t so much walk onto the convention floor as they do limp because they’re so tired, and I was no different.  It took everything I had to get out of bed to make the commute down to the Donald E. Stephens, but I managed to arrive just in time.  Sales were good overall again, though I was disappointed that I wasn’t making bank like a bunch of my friends and contemporaries said I would.  I’d barely had a chance to walk around the floor all weekend (I rarely do at these shows), so I took what little time I had to look around the Alley now that everybody had everything set up.

Pedobear Ear Posts. Hipsters and Otaku finally collide!

I’d been in such a haze before the show I was completely in the dark about most of the guests, so imagine my surprise when I saw Fred Gallagher at the “Mega Tokyo” table amongst the other vendors.  I’d be lying if I said “Mega Tokyo” wasn’t one of my earliest influences when it came to webcomics.  It, along with “Penny Arcade“, was probably my first exposure to the medium, but not only that it was among the first to show that the medium could be a success onto itself.  The earliest “Oh Goodie!” comics were even shaded with pencil for this exact reason, since Fred Gallagher’s art was so heavily pencil based.  Hell, James and Lee were originally modeled after Piro and Largo themselves.

Seeing him there should have meant more to me.  But honestly, in the time since then, I’ve grown incredibly indifferent to “Mega Tokyo“.  I became indifferent when I realized the story wasn’t going anywhere interesting (at least not any time soon) and that Gallagher had one of the worst work ethics when it came to his own comic.  The man makes a living doing his webcomic and his update schedule is atrocious, making his already drawn out stories move at a snail’s pace.  I realize that one of the big hurdles was his wife Sarah’s health problems, and my heart goes out to both of them there.  Still, even something as simple as the cast page has gone unfinished for God knows how long.  Heaven forbid you let new readers in on what your series is about!  Then again I guess he doesn’t need to, since people were still buying his merch in droves.

In any case, I was so exhausted by this point I barely had the time or energy to snap many pictures.  I ended up cutting myself off getting people in costume because if I knew if I tried to get everyone, it would take forever.  So I only got shots of the patrons when something cool or interesting walked by, including this guy.

I had to get this pic for my friend Tiff Carlson, who blogs regularly about the disabled lifestyle. Quadriplegic nerds are the most badass nerds of all!

Green-haired LLLadies...

Sherlock LLLadies...

LLLadies...and dudes who are dressed like LLLadies...

The show ended, I packed up my stuff, and I went home, in the mood for a fatty dinner and a thousand hour nap.  It began to rain on the 294 as I drove.  Why is it always raining when I end a show?