Now THIS was more like it.  I’m going to sum up my Saturday at Anime Central by saying I did way better than Friday.  While I didn’t break the bank like some of my neighbors in Artist’s Alley, I still made back my table many times over and sold a lot of prints and books.  And I got a lot of cool pics during the day too.

A good Brony giving Fluttershy a good home.

You tell 'em sister!

I'd like this costume more if it wasn't made possible by a MASSIVE drinking problem.

Anime Central has been brought to you by the letter "R".

Battle of the Bow Ties!

Badass Mario is badass.

But that’s not where the real story concerning Saturday.  After the show I packed up my table and decided to head over to the Hyatt to explore a bit and see what was going on.  I went up the escalator in the lobby and headed for the hotel Skyway.

If you want to get lots of pictures of people in costume at Anime Central, just pick any random spot and wait five seconds.

As I got closer to the Hyatt, I looked out the window and saw all the patrons of the con standing around en masse with loads of police cars and ambulances around them.  I still don’t have the whole story (feel free to tell me in the comments) but from what I heard somebody pulled the fire alarm and the building had to be temporarily evacuated to make sure everything was okay.  I can only imagine what the cops, fireman, and EMT’s were thinking, seeing all the nerds in costume milling about.

"Screw it, we're having the Rave out here! We've already got the flashing lights!"

*RING* "Hello? Oh, hi Dad! You'll never guess what's happening right now..."

They started letting people back in and I quickly found Elanor in the Game Room on the basement level.  Walking into that room was like walking right into my childhood.  They had the Ninja Turtles arcade game, the Simpsons arcade game, and even the Star Wars arcade game.  We quickly left to go exploring.

Look out for those Stormtroopers! They might MISS at you!

Stopped by the Game Room briefly. Want to piss off board game players? Pick up any random game and ask "Oh, is this like RISK?"

It’s looks like the fire alarm fiasco barely stopped the party at the Hyatt.  In the main lobby near the bar there was a DJ set-up and several dance circles had broken out near the TARDIS.  And yes, I have been waiting my whole life to type that exact sentence.  Best Nerd Party ever!

I think I had a dream like this once.

Go Ninja! Go Ninja! Go!

I think I hit some kind of Nerd Singularity when I took this picture.