Hey there everyone!  Notice anything new?

The great Alexa Grey was kind enough to help me punch up and tweak some little thing about the site that have been bugging me for some time.  Aside from some sidebar and blogroll crap I won’t bore you with, her big contribution was putting together the new “Posts” page and the new navigation you probably see at the top of this post.  You want to find something?  Just click on the “Posts” page.  It’s all laid out in chronological order.  Want to see an older or newer post?  Just click the white navigation bar.  Idiot proof, as I call it.

This also made me take the time to prune some digital hedges around here.  I’ve condensed down the galleries into “Assignments” and “Gallery” pages.  “Assignments” features all of my old work from college.  “Gallery” features all of the stuff I’m doing now.  My inking samples still have their own page, all the subscription stuff (Facebook, Twitter, etc) has been moved from the right sidebar to the menubar at the top, and I’ve added a section for theOh Goodie!books, something I really should have done sooner than this (no one to blame but myself).

Thanks again Alexa!  Site looks great! 🙂 Can’t wait to do it to the “Oh Goodie!” site.  Stay tuned!