My preferred method of working.  While there are several Photoshop illustrations in here, the majority of them are India ink on Bristol.  The ones I really like are the ones that make use of old-fashioned screentone sheets for the gray tone, which you have to apply to the image and cut by hand.  Try to see if you can spot which ones are real and which are digital!


Color isn’t exactly my forte, but I have ideas for color pieces more often than not, and continually try to find a coloring method that feels very “me” like how the gray tone pieces do.  All of these are colored in Photoshop.  Some have traditional inking on Bristol, but more recent ones have been inked digitally on top of being colored.


One thing I frequently do at my convention tables is offer $1 sketches to anyone who’s interested.  These are traditionally done on small blank notecards with Sharpie pen.  When people ask me what I draw, I say “anything within reason and a few things are aren’t”, but basically it boils down to anything that doesn’t involve nudity or violence.


A smattering of my assignments from my time at either College of Dupage and the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, when I still learning fine art and Photoshop.


My biggest freelance job in 2014 was providing portraits of clients’ dogs at the Happy Puppy Park in Vancouver, WA.  They sent me pictures of the dogs, and I illustrated them to the best of my ability.  All told, over 160+ portraits were produced.  Here are the best of the bunch!


When I first moved to Portland, the first art-related job I had was working as the caricaturist for Oaks Amusement Park by Springwater Corridor.  I did it during the park season of 2012 and 2013.  To keep overhead low, these were all done with Sharpie marker as quickly as possible.  Buried in there are also portraits I did for a RACC event celebrating all that Sam Adams had done as mayor of Portland before he retired.