So yea, this is probably long overdue, isn’t it?

It’s funny how things just creep up on you. I’m thinking about one thing, then another, then I realize I haven’t properly updated since before Christmas. All both of you were probably starting to wonder what the heck was going on. So here’s a brief update:

I’m fine. April’s fine too. Not great, but better. Working a new job. Financially stable, at least for now.

It’s been difficult for me because I’m entering a completely different space now. SO much has changed in the last three months: new place, new job, new equipment I can now afford, new lease on life, and most importantly: new art I want to make.

I need to be honest; I don’t know if or when I’ll be picking up “Oh Goodie!” again, which isn’t an easy thing for me to admit. Last year I was in such a bad place that I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to draw AT ALL, and I realized a lot of what I was doing wasn’t working for me anymore. If I picked up “Oh Goodie!” either then or now, it wouldn’t come from a good place. I’d just have been reminded of all of my failures. Never say never, but I’m saying don’t bet on it right now.

I’m trying not to look at it as a negative though, because the good news is that there’s plenty I want to do now. The only things holding me back are finding the time, and deciding what shape those new things will take, because a lot of it involves inventing my whole process and business model (what little I had to begin with) from the ground up. I’m in a process of removing desperation from my life and head space, and that means taking the time to present everything I do in the best possible way. Even this website is probably going to change a bit, once I figure out what I want to focus on.

The trick is finding the joy in creating again, which I’m gradually doing. Otherwise, what’s the point? It’s not a matter of proving it to the industry or my peers right now; it’s a matter of proving it to myself.

For all both of you who are interested, you can follow what I’m doing on Instagram or Tumblr as new things take shape, and I’ll be making a complete re-launch once I get the rest of this sorted.

So yea, I’ll ramble more when I have something to show. Stay tuned!