So yea: when I woke up today, didn’t expect to re-do my site from the ground up.

My site’s been running on the Suffusion theme since I started it, and a while back the “Posts” page (which I use as an all-purpose archive) crapped itself during a WordPress update.  You have to understand, WordPress only works well when you have all the elements in order to begin with.  Customizing it is SUPER annoying and unintuitive, so it’s easy to make the site crap itself when you try to change the simplest thing.  My theory is to just get things working well enough and don’t mess with it, but the “Posts” page was a persistent problem.  So I had my pal Andy Odendhal look at it.

Turns out all the Suffusion theme needed to fall apart was us looking in its general direction, because that’s what happened.

Fortunately, Andy IS an expert at Comicpress, so he upgraded it to a basic version of the theme and now everything’s back in working order.  Hell, it’s better actually, and much more manageable.  I can’t thank him enough.  Go check out his webcomic “Too Much Information” by clicking the image below as a way to thank him.