During the huge comedown time that was my life post-college, I had an extremely low standard for success.  It only required three things: regular work, a place of my own, and I was in a relationship.  After spending so much time broke, single, and living in my parents’ basement, those three things were all I wanted.

…Well, 2014 I finally achieved what I wanted.  I got out of the roach motel I was living in (after living in the hell-hole that was Beaverton), I had a regular job on top of my freelancing, and I fell in love with a girl I’m crazy about.  I achieved everything I wanted.

But shortly after that, a little voice popped in my head asking one simple question: “Now what?”

I achieved what I wanted, and it wasn’t enough.  What I wanted was just getting by, which sadly I couldn’t even achieve before.  Now I am getting by and I’m realizing I want more.  But at the same time, I’m realizing what I’ve been doing thus far hasn’t helped me achieve that.  A lot of what I wanted to do this year simply didn’t pan out, or it died on the vine.  I’m in danger of getting into a rut.  I need something new.

I’m realizing 2015 is going to be the year of hard decisions, and hard questions of myself.  It’s possibly going to be the year of endings, but also possibly from that new beginnings.  I’m going to turn 30 in 2015.  I need to make this the year I show what I’m made of.

This year I obtained a beautiful apartment with the girl of my dreams.  I reached one major goal.  Time for the next one.