As something extra for my cons this April, I decided to offer more than books and offer some special prints.  Some will be exclusive to certain shows, others not.  Here’s one that’ll be available at both C2E2 and Anime Central.

This print warrants a little explanation.  Obviously, I’m a huge fan of “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”.  It has everything I like.  It’s cute, it’s funny, it’s witty, it has a strong female cast, and it has all character-based humor and stories…but when I listed all that, I also realized those same descriptions could apply to the classic “Azumanga Daioh”.  “Azumanga” is perhaps my favorite anime/manga ever.  It avoids the traps most anime/manga fall into (i.e. giant robots and existentialism) by being simple and charming.  And again, it has lots of character-based humor so it’s aged really well, as opposed to other lesser animes that rely too much on pop culture gags and thus are instantly dated (cough “Lucky Star” cough).

Knowing what huge animation nerds the “MLP: FiM” team clearly are, I’d be VERY surprised if they weren’t fans of “Azumanga”.  So I made this print celebrating that.  I even synced up which pony I think is analogues for which “Azumanga” character.

Chiyo = Twilight Sparkle (because they’re so brainy)
Tomo = Rainbow Dash (because they’re so over-confident)
Sakaki = Fluttershy (because they’re so shy and love animals)
Kagura = Applejack (because they’re so athletic)
Osaka = Pinkie Pie (because they’re both so weird and funny)
Yomi = Rarity (because they’re so haughty and have secret admirers)

This’ll be on sale at my C2E2 and ACen tables for $15.  You can also order it from my Etsy shop if you like.