Hey there everyone! Ten days left in the “Oh Goodie! Vol. 2” pre-order campaign! I’ve noticed a lot of people have been going for the premium $50 package which includes both “Oh Goodie!” books and an original strip, so I’ve posted an update showing off what strips are available to you. Feel free to take a look and see what you’ll be getting!

That aside, you’ve probably noticed a lack of new content on the “Oh Goodie!” site itself, and I do apologize for that. I want to state clearly that “Oh Goodie!” has not ended. However, producing the content for “Volume 2” took a lot out of me and at the very least, I felt I needed a break to clear my head and maybe focus on some other things. I have some freelance projects I’ve been working on the last two months, along with starting work on two mini-comics written by Eric Adams and Pab Sungenis (my C2E2 table mate) respectively. I also may be getting an older project back off the ground and may be doing an anthology submission later this year (more on that when I have something to report). I’ve also been working on my prints for convention season and may be planning for something really big this summer I won’t get into now. In short? I’ve taken on a lot.

However, I have been planning content for what’s going to be “Oh Goodie! Vol. 3” and hope to start posting it around the time convention season starts. You may also see a re-vamped “Oh Goodie!” website around that time designed by the great Alexa Grey. I’m hoping to have this all running around the time of C2E2 and Anime Central.

I should mention though that the update schedule for “Oh Goodie!” will probably change around that time. Doing daily strips last year almost killed me, but at the same time the content I’ve planned for “Volume 3” is a bit more ambitious, so I may do bigger updates less frequently (at this point I’m thinking three days a week). Production on this volume is also going to take a bit longer than the previous two because of all the stuff I just mentioned, so as far as conventions are concerned I may release them in smaller, stapled books before compiling them into a proper paperback.

So that’s the plan so far! Thank you all for your support and your patience! I hope to reward it soon! I’ll still have new art and updates on my blog in the meantime, and hope to have some shorter strips up soon.