So I recently had a conversation with Devi Ever that went something like this:

DEVI: “You ever play the game Borderlands?”
ME: “Not really, why?”
DEVI: “Well there’s this chick named Moxxi who’s featured in the downloadable content.  Wears this steam punky, post-apocalyptic ringmaster outfit.  Looks like this.”
ME: “Oh wow…”
DEVI: “Yea I know.  Can you draw me like that?”
ME: “What, like Moxxi?”
DEVI: “Yea, do it!  Draw me with big boobs like hers!  I’ll send you a free pedal in return.”
ME: “…”
DEVI: “…What?”
ME: “…I have literally waited my entire life for some to say that exact sentence to me.”
(Much laughter ensues)

So, in short, that’s how this came to be: