So because I’m currently more broke than MC Hammer, I’ve begun the search then for more possibilities for freelance work.  And once again I’ve started coming across my favorite compensation offered for working artists myself.  If you ARE a working artist, guaranteed you’ve seen this at least once.

“There’s no money offered in this job, but you’ll get credit”

Do I even need to explain this?  It’s insulting on a level you wouldn’t even believe.  You’re basically asking that me and my peers work for free.  And they all say the same thing: “But it’ll be great exposure for you!”.  They say this all the time to rope in young artists who don’t know any better.  If you’re a young artist and you’re reading this, DON’T FALL FOR IT.  They are trying to use your naivety and inexperience to basically get someone to give them product for nothing.  And if you STILL work for free even after hearing this warning, you’re an idiot and you’re fucking it up for the rest of us who try to make a decent living doing this by asking for fair compensation for our time and our effort.  How the hell can we compete with free?  Answer: we can’t.

If some art director or client or whatever tries to give you the “great exposure” line, tell them you can’t pay your rent with exposure.  Tell them you can’t eat exposure.  Tell them the bank won’t underwrite your car loan simply because you said you’d give them good exposure in return.  If you draw something for someone, GET PAID TO DO IT.

I now leave you with the words of the great Harlan Ellison, who can explain this better than I ever could. Pay the writer? PAY THE ARTIST TOO!