So, let me tell you a story.

I create this little doodle in my sketchbook of characters from “Oh Goodie!”, and get it in my head “Hey! I should color these”. So I scan them into Photoshop and do it. Then I think “Hey, I should post these on my blog. I don’t post sketches nearly enough, and it’ll let people into my process.” So I log into WordPress to do it.

…But it turns out WordPress needs an update, so I do it. Then it turns out this NEW version of WordPress doesn’t work with my current web browser. So I go to update my web browser only to see it doesn’t work with the current version of my operating system. So I go to download THAT and install all the other crap, only to discover WordPress isn’t uploading images right now because of some stupid crap, and I’m ready to chuck my computer out the fucking window just to post some sketches I did for fun.

…Yea I hate updating my computer. Enjoy the sketches.