Few things first. I have a new watercolor for sale at my new Etsy account. You can find it here or by clicking on the link below.

Second off, it’s been kind of weird this week. Usually when I take time off from “Oh Goodie!” to do sketch weeks I do it to cleanse my palette after a long story. But lately I’ve felt like I’m unsure of what to do with my art outside of “Oh Goodie!” lately. “Oh Goodie!” itself I’ve got no problem. I got all the character designs down, I usually plan out my stories well ahead of time, so mostly it draws itself. It’s taking on new methods and drawing new things that sometimes stumps me.

So what’s gotten me going lately?…drawings and watercolors of monsters and aliens from my favorite TV shows and video games. Suddenly I’m back to doodling during math class when I should have been taking notes. Is it high art? No. Will it generate much money or interest in my work? Probably not…but damn is it fun.

Strapped for ideas? Monsters and aliens are always a good way to go.