I’m REAL EXCITED to have a table at the MoCCA Festival in New York City, one of the biggest indie shows in America. I’ll be at Table J17 selling preliminary copies of “Oh Goodie!” Vol. 1, among other things, and I’ll be live tweeting during the whole event.

At this point I’d like to express gratitude to my cousin Melissa and her husband Ben for putting me up for the weekend. I only get to do these events because of the elaborate couch-surfing network I’ve set up across the country, and the hospitality of my friends and family is what helps me along.

Actually, funny story. This was a recent conversation I had with Melissa concerning details of the trip.

– “Hey Missy, you’ll never believe this. I was Googling directions from your place to the venue, and I saw something on the map just titled ‘Museum of Sex‘.”
– “Oh yea! I’ve heard of that place and always wanted to go. If you have the time, we should check it out!”
– “…Missy, I don’t think that’s something that two cousins should do together.”
– “Hey on this side of the Mason Dixon line, there’s no worry.”