Three circle tones and three noise tones for fabric tones. The favorite essentials for manga and B&W comics!


Used to be, before you could color comics digitally, you’d have to send copies of your lineart to a factory where meticulous color masking was applied by hand by the workers there. Naturally, this meant your palette was very limited and in very bright tones. From the 80’s onward, comics made the slow transition to digital coloring, but perhaps one of the last bastions of this old coloring style was the classic graphic novel “Watchmen”, colored by the great John Higgins. Contained in this package is a palette of the classic 64 colors in that book that were printed and re-printed in thousands of old comics. Makes for a great jumping off point in finding your own color style!


This palette contains a variety of skin tones, along with some primary colors for hair and eye color. You’re probably wondering why I threw some green in there: I decided to include the four shades of green used to color the “Ninja Turtles” in their comics as a joke.

A palette inspired by classic anime like “Dragonball” and “Sailor Moon”.

The original NES could only display 16 simultaneous colors, but you have more options! Download this palette put together from the original 64 colors the NES could display.