For the longest time, I had a few pieces in mind relating directly to my anxiety disorder.  I debated for a long time about displaying them…but I’ve decided to be honest and just show them.

First off here is “Unraveling”.  When I first came to Portland, the power cable for my Apple laptop (which was already of a bit of a dinosaur on its own) began to unravel, the third time this had happened to me since buying the thing.  Rather than shell out another $80 for another power cable (money I didn’t have anyway), I just wrapped some black electrical tape around the thing…but the thing kept unraveling.  So I wrapped some more.  And some more.  And some more.  It finally got to the point where the string of electrical tape was almost two feet in length.

This power cable became an odd metaphor for how I felt my life was at the time.  I felt my plans, hopes, and dreams for Portland were slowly unraveling and my life was going along with it.  Not to mention my loyal Macbook (which I had made the first two “Oh Goodie!” books entirely on) was getting long in the tooth, and I had to soak the bloody thing in liquid oxygen just to get it to run Photoshop.  And if I didn’t have the means to create or post my art, what did I have?

Fortunately, Devi Ever sold me her old iMac and I was able to pay it off rather quickly with my tax refund.  I was able to finally retire my old Macbook and renew my operation in earnest.  Still, the image stuck with me.  You can see it below and buy prints at the link provided.